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Our property set on 15 acres has been purpose built to meet the needs of a horse department training facility.

It is approximately 25 minutes drive from Kumeu Film Studios and approximately 40 minutes drive from Auckland Film Studios.  This location makes it very convenient for actors and crew to travel to for lessons or to try barding and weapons on the horses.

EQ Arena_edited.jpg

We have fantastic facilities for training horses and actors including:

  • Olympic Size All Weather Arena.

  • Large covered arena which allows the training of actors even in the rain.

  • Large Permanent Round Pen.

  • Nine permanent stables and 10 transportable stables.

All of the property is safely fenced for horses in Equi-Fencing and we have a hot water wash bay for the horses as well as a separate tack shed and feed shed.  The property has previously been inspected and approved by the American Humane Association when it has been worked out of as a Horse Department base on prior productions.

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