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Equine Films is the most experienced provider of horses for the film industry in New Zealand. Wayne McCormack, a professional horseman, began Equine Films in 2002 and since that time has been providing a world class service to film productions both in New Zealand and internationally.

We have an experienced team of horses and wranglers who have an unbeatable combination of talent and skills. We specialise in training and providing cast, liberty, trick, stunt and harness horses and we have extensive experience in training actors both local and international.


We have four credited Horse Masters available making us well positioned to meet the needs of multiple filming units. We have a Production focus – we appreciate the importance of Production’s time and we prioritise the safety of actors, crew and equipment which is where our team of horses and wranglers really shine.


Our horses and wranglers have a wealth of on-set experience behind them. We have a strong relationship with the AHA and a thorough understanding of their rules and requirements, having worked with them extensively on prior productions.


Equine Films is extremely well respected in the industry and we have a large number of credits behind us.  We can meet any production requirements from working closely with actors to perform onscreen, to particular stunt performances to large scale battle scenes.

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