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We have the ability to transport up to 17 horses at a time in a variety of vehicles allowing flexibility to respond to location and shooting requirements.


  • 2 x Chev Trucks with six horse goosenecks

  • 1 x Ute with three horse gooseneck

  • 1 x Ute with two horse float

We have the contacts to arrange the transport of larger numbers of horses if required.


Equine Films own a large amount of equipment that can be used for training or utilised on screen.

Cart with Prison Box
  • Stunt Mats and mini-tramp for stunt work

  • Horse desensitising equipment

  • Six dummy horses which can be used as 'dead' horses in the field

  • Fake line up horse

  • Ten transportable stables which can be taken on location on long way shoots to provide stabling

  • Three sets of portable round pens, great for training or taking to location

  • Approx. 20 horse driven carts and wagons of various sizes and styles

  • 45 Horse saddles including Western, English, Spanish and Stunt saddles

  • Wide range of tack including horse harness and horse armour

Friesian Cart.png
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